The Multi-Step Model for Place Branding and Altering Places Image

Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis concludes with an innovative and user-friendly model for choosing the most appropriate media strategy. In our model, places can easily choose a small group of relevant media strategies that was proven effective by other places facing a similar crisis. Later, the selected media strategies should be implemented using the right mix of techniques and channels.


The Multi-step Model for Place Branding and Altering Places Image includes 3 stages:

1. Preliminary analysis - In this stage, one should evaluate the crisis, audience and place characteristics, using a set of 14 easy-to-use indicators. In addition, the goals and timing of the campaign should be assessed.


2. Choosing media strategies - The 24 media strategies offered in this book are divided into 9 categories. Following the preliminary analysis, one should be able to simply choose the most appropriate category. In each category, all media strategies are widely discussed and illustrated using real-life case studies.


3. Execution - In this final stage, one should choose the techniques (PR, direct marketing, advertising and sales promotion) and channels (TV, newspapers and magazines, Internet, radio and billboards) in which the place marketing campaign should be executed.


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