Destination Marketing Seminars

Here in Marketing in Crisis we believe that professional knowledge should be shared. Our destination marketing seminars aimed at providing advanced training for marketing expertise, destination managers, spokespersons, CVB employees and professionals in the fields of tourism and hospitality. The seminars promotes an in-depth understanding of place marketing, nation branding, strategic image management, crisis communication management and media strategies for improving place image.


At the completion of our destination marketing seminar, the participants acquire professional knowledge, insights and practical tools for:

Branding a tourism destination for international markets.

Techniques for marketing, public relations and advertising of an international tourism destination.

Creating high level and effective tourism website that appeal to international audiences.



In order to best achieve our goals, the following methods are used:

Comprehensive introduction to major theoretical concepts.

Investigating real-life case studies using the CAP Analysis (Crisis, Audience, Place) and implementing

media strategies using the SAP methodology (Source, Audience, Place).

Analyzing campaigns, TV ads and official tourism websites.


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