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Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis is a professional book about place marketing, destination branding and strategic marketing for cities, countries and tourist destinations. Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter’s book provides a large verity of research-based tools and strategies that can be effectively used to promote tourism, generate positive media coverage and enhance place’s image.

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“A must-have for anyone involved in place marketing”
By Professor Nigel Morgan. Read more

“An invaluable reference for destination marketers, tour operators, airlines and hoteliers”
By Dr. David Beirman. Read more

“Highly recommended for national, regional and city administrators”
By Simon Anholt. Read more

Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis

   Offers a comprehensive introduction to the fields of place branding, place image, marketing places,

    nation branding, destination branding and crisis communication management.

  Presents highly practical tools, models and media strategies for marketing places suffering from 

    sudden crises or prolonged negative images.

   Walks the reader through an innovative, practical and user-friendly model for branding places,     

     marketing in crisis and re-attracting tourists, visitors, investors and residents.

  Provides 24 media strategies for place branding, and a wide-scale model to draw a positive approach
     from negative circumstances.

  Illustrates all issues, problems and solutions with over a hundred in-depth marketing in crisis case
     studies from around the world.


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Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis

Tourism destination marketing book by Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter